The saga between Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez certainly seems like a never ending story at this point. Now Tory is claiming to have evidence against Meg! Reports popped up about the charges against Tory being dropped thanks to a Furious Tv blog. Megan took to Twitter expressing her distaste for the entire situation, […]

Kanye West is no stranger to controversy. After the tragic loss of his mother Donda West back in 2007, it seems like Ye has never been able to truly come to terms with it. Footage was recently released by the ever messy, Dame Dash, showing Ye yelling at fellow Chicago creative, Chance The Rapper. The […]

Lizzo isn’t pulling in punches and she shouldn’t , in a recent tweet she posted and then deleted that she doesn’t understand why when list are put out that rappers like Future and Sway Lee are placed before her when she has the #4 song in the country here’s the tweet do you agree or […]

Let me tell you what’s crazy, the fact that people think that Trump just got on twitter when he became president nnnnnooooo not true this guy has been on twitter and saying wild stuff on social media for a long time. So when this old tweet resurfaced I don’t understand why anyone is surprised by […]


It’s just crazy how now-a-days when someone does something great happen for them or has a huge moment in their lives someone one finds something negative to say about them or find something to bring them down. Kyler Murray is the latest victim, after winning College’s highest honor the Heisman trophy old tweets of his […]

Kevin Hart took to social media Friday morning and announced he has stepped down as host of the Oscars The decision comes after Hart faced backlash after reportedly deleting some homophobic tweets just after getting the hosting gig on Wednesday. Screenshots from 2011 surfaced that read, “Yo if my son comes home & try’s 2 […]

SO ROSEANNE IS TRYING TO PULL OUT ALL THE STOPS AFTER GETTING HER SHOW CANCELLED, SHE IS BLAMING HER ACTIONS ON THE DRUG AMBIEN HERE IS WHAT SHE WROTE VIA TMZ Roseanne wrote, “It was 2 in the morning and i was ambien tweeting – it was memorial day.”She went on … “i honestly thought […]

#bigbinkshow  – You know its serious when you own Secret service doesn’t want to protect you.  It’s been reported by that a secret service agent says she will not take a bullet for him (President Trump)in an recent interview.  Here is her entire quote. “But this world has changed and I have changed. And […]

Blake Shelton went from living the American dream to a nightmare in just 24 hours after old racist and homophobic tweets of his surfaced online.

Don’t get caught out there on social media! That’s what happened with Mike Epps as it appeared that he was trying to get more personal with a girl on Twitter.

  If you haven’t gotten the scoop on all things MTV VMA’s and how this years awards show got Nicki feeling some kind of way.…

Tonight, MTV aired their eye-opening “White People” documentary that gave viewers a first-hand look at white privilege through the eyes of young white people speaking…