In “Make a Regular Person Salty” news, check out Offset showoff his entire jewelry collection for GQ. The hater (and investor) in me cringed during the entire eight minutes of the video just thinking about what else could be down with all that money (almost $3M in jewelry). But hey I’m just a five-figure jock […]

I mean he better! Offset is making sure he tell the world that he is sorry for cheating and doing his wife Cardi B dirty out here in these streets. So much so that he added an apology on his solo album Father of 4.   On the song “Don’t Leave Me,” Offset apologizes for […]

After being caught more than once with his hands in the nookie jar and after being dissed and dismissed by his furious wife Cardi B, Offset has finally after months worked some call weaseled lol his way back into Cardi’s heart. Cardi told the media after Christmas she was really starting to miss her husband […]

Don’t know if this is a case of it’s cheaper to keep her or if they are truly gonna give it another go, reports outta Cardi’s camp is saying that the female MC is ready to let her rapper husband back in the house and work things out for their families sake. Full Story HereĀ  […]

Offset is using everything he can to get back in good graces with his wife Cardi B but it doesn’t seem like anything is working TMZ is reporting that Offset has reached out to Cardi so that he can spend time with her and their daughter on Christmas eve and Christmas day. Stating the importance […]

Offset is out here crying “I want my baby back!” But Cardi ain’t biting and is ready to move on after many attempts to save their relationship. I seems like it was ages ago that Cardi B said that she would be leaving her husband Offset after damning text messages surfaced on the internet aka […]

I don’t like calling anyone dumb or stupid so but sometimes…when the shoe fits….you know the saying. So lets just say Summer Bunni isn’t that smart , she is the alleged mistress of Offset and she just apologized to Cardi B via TMZ which proves that people will do anything for their 15 mins because […]


It seems that everyday rappers are changing they’re minds, some violent BS will pop off and everyone is talking peace and being positive and after about a week…wait no……a day…..wait no…….a hour of nobody saying anything and those same people who just became peaceful shift right back into the BS. And what’s so crazy ain’t […]

One thing for sure Offset is telling Joe Budden to keep his wife’s name out his mouth! Ever since their last encounter that almost turned into a brawl, Migos and Joe Budden are not on good terms. Since the start of Budden’s new show State of the Culture on Revolt TV, he has referred the […]

The plot thickens… I don’t know if I would give Nicki Minaj this much credit but many Cardi B stans are when it comes to the latest twist in the feud between the two rap queens. Remember back a week or two ago we reported that Cardi beat up two bartenders at an after party […]

I mean is anything sacred these days? Let’s be honest, Cardi B puts all her business out here in these streets. Whether its her talking crazy with no makeup on, her sex life or whatever craziness that comes to mind Cardi is an open book. However, people were not amused to see Cardi post a […]