In a strange twist of events Saturday afternoon, Colin Kaepernick, who was scheduled to workout for 25 NFL teams at the Atlanta Falcons facility, moved his showcase to an high school 60 miles away. The free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who completed a 40-minute workout in front of representatives from eight NFL teams on Saturday, said […]


Colin Kaepernick will work out for NFL teams Saturday in Atlanta according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Kaepernick, who has been out of the NFL since 2016 after protesting police brutality and racial injustice, will participate in on-the-field work and interviews. According to a memo released by the NFL, all teams are invited to attend, and […]

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Columbus wassup! Micah Dixon tapping in, with the weather changing constantly, be sure you always double check on your health. I myself had a health scare, well sort. Coe to find out since it has been so hot this summer and my diet changed drastically your girl was constipated and dehydrated. So these days I’ve […]

The 614 Micah Dixon, is on the radio Weekdays 3p-7p, and outside of radio work she is a mom, and fitness enthusiast. She has a brand fitness line titled “Dope Fitted”, she has also began posting workouts to her fitness page for any and every one who wants to add some Daily Squats, Abs, to their […]


Im alla bout being fit, healthy and living  balanced lifestyle and of course fit all around. Keep in mind that some exercise is better than none, but if you want to see a difference on the scale, you’ll need to create a calorie deficit. “For the average person, walking one mile would burn around seven […]

The 614

Yes I am back with a few workouts to do whether you are at home, or at th gym. These will consist of leg work, booty work lol, and yes you will be sore afterwards. It is always important to pace yourself through these workouts because your muscle will be tried and tested. Keep in […]

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#bigbinkshow – Wow this is supposed to be a tribute to Dads for Fathers day.  However; NBA hopeful Alonzo ball is not too happy with his road to the NBA because of his DAD and publicly addresses it.

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#bigbinkshow – coming off the success of her video with Kanye West for “Fade” Teyana taylor is at it again with a new video and it looks like she is more vibrant than ever!!        


Teyana Taylor instantly became an internet sensation Sunday night when Kanye West premiered his new video Fade staring Taylor.  Why?  Because she looks amazing!  Women all over the world have been inspired to get in the gym and get that Teyana Taylor body!  So everybody wants to know how did she do it especially since […]

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Beyonce shows us what she’s working with, literally!  She debuts her new active line “Ivy Park” that will be available at Top Shop! Watch her in the new promo video here:  

Hello, January! This is the time where most of us resolve to be the healthiest versions of ourselves. Where to begin? The task of health, wellness, and fitness can be intimidating to many. No worries! I’ve got you covered. Celebrity fitness instructor and wellness + nutrition coach, Jeanette Jenkins, spoke exclusively with Hello Beautiful! If […]

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Check out this top 6 list of annoying people at the gym I got from youtuber, LandonProduction. 1.   The Grunter – people that make ridiculously loud…