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ARP got the culture back lit with a few announcements on Thursday. Yes, some more battles to watch and talk about while we still on lockdown. Courtesy of Rare Breed Entertainment after they announced the “Social Distancing” onsite battles.   This event will be different compared to previous events. There will be NO PPV or […]

The two battlers were arrested after a traffic stop went left. Many in battle rap were confused when a video of John John Da Don (JJDD) and Hitman Holla went viral showing them getting in trouble with Atlanta Police. Thursday JJDD and Hitman were driving together when they felt they were being followed by the […]

One of the culture’s own is weeks away from making history. Add Oscar nominee to battle rapper Ooop‘s resume as his documentary “St. Louis Superman,” was nominated for Best Documentary Short Subject.   The documentary gives viewers an in-depth look at Bruce Franks Jr.’s (legal name) community service, leadership during trying times in St. Louis […]

One of the top rising stars in battle rap ends 2019 with high hopes for 2020. Yo, no lie, Saynt LA is one of my favorite rising stars in battle rap. He just came off a clear win against B Magic in KOTD’s Town Bidness 2. You can also say 2019 has been a great […]

Hip hop versus battle rap, who’s winning? I know the ultimate goal for Nick Cannon was to finally settle this decade beef with Eminem on his MTV show Wildin’ Out. However, it has turned the conversation to the battle rap community going at the industry rapper’s neck. What set it off was when rapper Joyner […]

The Goonies all made noise in 2019 in battle rap. That’s what Glueazy told me when I got a chance to chop it up with him at Shotz Fired battle on Dec. 7. Glu who was booked for a one-rounder with the city’s Stichem Up gave the facts as to why his crew we won […]

Columbus’ own is taking on a Cave Gang heavy hitter. Who said that Columbus don’t have no bars? Well, J Slash is going to prove the haters and battler rapper Bad Newz he got bars for days! The two battled each other on Shotz Fired’s Public Enemies card on Dec. 7 and it was a […]

If Cave Gang won 2019, then Bad Newz definitely played a part in the group’s success. I was so excited when I heard Bad Newz was going to be here, in Columbus, OH, to battle J Slash. The Cave Gang battler definitely showed the city why he is not to be played with. He definitely […]

Columbus’ battle rap scene is making noise and bringing big names. This past weekend Shotz Fired, a local battle rap league, had a huge card that features some heavy hitters in the culture. The Public Enemies card not only showcase the city’s own stars like Stichem Up and J Slash but also big names like […]

Christmas came early for battle rap fans! Man shoutout to ARP and Rare Breed Ent for dropping Charlie Clips versus Phara Funeral battle on Thanksgiving Day. I haven’t seen the battle yet (sorry I didn’t cop the PPV) and out of all the battles, this one was the one I saw everybody go crazy over. […]

Well damn, where was my invite?!? Just joking, kinda not, but really many fans been glued to Twitter all week as news broke out that Smack was being sneaky. It first started with URL, and battlers like JC and Rum Nitty posting that they were flying to New York for a battle that was not […]

“Hopefully me and Tay Roc can clear up the bulls**t before the battle,” said Rex.   The back and forth between Tay Roc and T-Rex is entertaining but at the end of the day, we want a great and drama free battle. The two will get everything off their chest this Sat. (Nov. 23) on […]