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Whew chile, how much worst can this get? Both Tay Roc and T-Rex are making my nerves bad at this point. The two have been having a back-and-forth war of words on social media that has now landed on Champion. First, it was Rex who warned Roc to not dare to tell him to “suck […]

The battler address the culture’s views on his recent move to join Dot Mob and more. Three Letterman jumped out the gate and addressed E Ness move to Dot Mob. Much of battle rap called it a “clout chasing” and “weird” move on his part. However, the former Making The Band member addressed the criticism […]

What new battle rap fans need to know to fully enjoy and embrace the culture. Battle rap is growing rather you like it or not. You would think this is a good thing right? Yes, but with some new fans they are a little behind on past battles, storylines, and not understanding the “house rules.” […]

Bet you didn’t know Cardi B was part of the Battle Rap Culture. Many fans may have been introduced to Cardi B from “Love And Hip Hop” or from social media. However, many battle rap fans remember the “Bodak Yellow” rapper from her ring card girl days. Cardi B was on stage for URL‘s first […]

Is Mike P ready for that Geechi smoke? So far it’s not looking good for Mike P when he took his shots at Geechi Gotti on Champion. Mike P was stating that the West Coast battle rapper has to “come see me.” Host of Champion Jay Blac gave Geechi a chance to respond as you […]

The battler says he will be Champion of the Year next tear after his anticipated run. West Coast battle rapper Saynt LA has a future of becoming battle rap’s next biggest star. He is just 23-years-old and has already made his mark in the West Coast scene through LA Battlegroundz and KOTD. One of his […]

Battle rap will be taking over the hottest hip hop award show! Smack and the URL announced Tuesday that BET will be hosting two battles during their Hip Hop Awards show. DNA will battle Geechi Gotti and T-Top versus Shotgun Suge. Reports say that they will be one round battles. It will be going down […]

The kid from Pontiac recaps his battle and gives his thoughts on COTY. It was a religious war on stage between JC and Saga at Born Legacy 8. Both are respected in battle rap for their pens. I got to chop it up with JC after the battle and he tells me how he felt […]

Kannon recaps his battle on BL8 and what ignited an altercation with him and Cave Gang. Big Kannon was heading into Born Legacy 8 ready to remind everybody that he belongs on an URL stage. However, during his first-round with Chef Trez things quickly went left. Kannon had a scheme that including T-Top‘s viral fall […]

These two will finally settle this once and for all. Tay Roc and T-Rex have a long history being friends to arch-rivals. For the newer fans (welcome) Roc used to be part of Dot Mob in his early years in battle rap. He was seen by Rex and others as “lil brother,” but Roc elevated […]

Can Cassidy handle a disrespectful Arsonal face-to-face? If I had to guess the disrespect level for this face-off between Arsonal and Cassidy is going to be on 100! Ars was first to post a picture from the face-off with the caption, “N***A LOOK SPOOKED!!!! HE WAS BEYOND NERVOUS…”   Uncle Rah from 15 Minutes […]

Surf got the gangstas and hood reading, I’m not mad at that. Big congrats to battle rapper Tsu Surf as he is seeing much success from the first book he wrote. It is currently No. 3 on the Best Seller’s List on Amazon!!!   The book “House In Virginia” is written by the New Jersey […]